Awesome 60th Birthday Present

The last Saturday in January saw Pastor Keith trudging through the snow and making his way to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral – NOT from Neath I want to add! Pauline and Keith travelled to Liverpool the day before and had to walk for just ten minutes from their hotel on Hope Street. 

Pauline had arranged an ‘Organ Experience’ at the cathedral to celebrate Keith’s 60th birthday. Keith has been an organist all his adult life and this was an amazing opportunity to play the largest instrument in the country, truly a birthday treat that will not be forgotten. In spite of several slips and blips Pastor Keith made Pauline very proud, with no prior practice Keith sailed through the pieces he’d brought for the occasion. Using (almost) everything from a single stop for Yon’s Toccatina for flute to full organ for Widor’s famous Toccata from the fifth symphony. Thanks must go to Professor Ian Tracey, the cathedral organist, who was a tremendous help with stop registration and putting Keith at ease from the word go. Keith will never forget how Professor Tracey added and added stops to bring Widor’s Toccata to an awesome conclusion. There was a visitor standing to the side of Keith and, at the end of the Toccata was literally gob-smacked! He commented, “Well, I’ve been to some gigs in my time, pop concerts etc with huge loudspeakers – they were nothing compared to this! 

It was an experience that was both exciting, exhilarating and nerve-wracking all at the same time, but Keith is so glad to have done it – and not to have made a fool of himself was a definite bonus!