Polina’s story

After Anya’s baptism, Polina was hungry to know about the God her mother had put her trust in, and the Saviour she had committed her life to. A short time later Polina came into relationship with Jesus Christ when she repented of her sin, turned to Him and accepted Him as her Lord and Saviour. At the end of August this year Polina was baptised in the sea near the family home.

Both Polina and Anya have an insatiable appetite for God’s Word and the guiding of the Holy Spirit. It has been both a humbling experience and a privilage as we have witnessed our God’s amazing grace and mercy at work in their lives.

Here is Polina’s Testimony

Pastor Keith

My testimony shall be short. I do not yet have the words for the expression of praise, worship and confession to God. These past twenty five years have been fruitless and all for nothing. I listened but I never heard anything. I looked but I never saw anything. I asked the wrong questions. I looked in every wrong direction possible. I lived for dead dreams. Dead desires.

Now, I say to You that “You are my God”. My future is in your hands, Lord. I stand in awe of You and Your Mercy. For you know the secrets of my heart. You know me more than I know myself.

The blessings You have bestowed upon me are too numerous to count. I love You, not for them. I love You because that is what I have been created for. You are my purpose. My reality. You give me life. I pray only for one thing now, that you may each day open my ears and eyes a fraction more so I can learn to hear you, so that I can learn to see with the eyes of Christ. Every day is a step in the direction towards You. The closer I get, the clearer I see your mighty power. It fills me with joy like never before. Amen and amen!

Polina’s Baptism

Walking to the beautiful beach

Preparing for Baptism

The baptism


Jubilant return

Oh! for a nice cup of tea!