Healing at the Prayer Station

The first day of the Prayer Station, at Aenon, we’d had a number of good conversations and inquisitive looks and before we knew it, it was time to pack up. As we started to put things away a gentleman (I’ll call him Tom) was shuffling along very slowly from the doctor’s surgery opposite. He was in much pain and shuffled with the aid of crutches. Our eyes caught each other’s gaze. “Would you like prayer?” I offered. He altered direction very slowly and crossed the road to us, “Yes please”. We asked how we should pray. He explained that the doctor’s didn’t know what was wrong with him and that he was a 53 year old man in an 80 year old’s body. He was going home and his wife was taking him straight to the hospital for scans etc to try and find out what was happening to him.

   We started to explain that Jesus was the Healer, we were simply His representatives. “Oh, I know that,” he said, “I watch the God channel.” After a conversation on Christian healing we asked him where the pain was, ‘All over’ came the reply. The worst pain was in the small of his back and his head, so that’s where we placed our hands. After praying we asked if it had improved. The pain had eased considerably where we’d placed our hands. We asked if we could pray again, but Tom explained that he had to get to the hospital for the scans as they were waiting for him. Somewhat disappointed we said goodbye. This was on Monday.

    The next prayer Station was open on Thursday. A man came walking past quite swiftly with one crutch and he looked familiar, “Tom, is that you?” We asked. It was Tom, his countenance had changed so much we almost didn’t recognise him, he went on to explain that when he left us on Monday the pain had eased with every step he took. By the time he got home he could shake his head from side to side, he told us that If he had done that before the prayer he would have fallen over! He was so excited that he phoned his sister to come and see. She was amazed! Then his wife drove him to the hospital for the tests. Before he left us he said he was on his way to the doctor to tell him he doesn’t need the pain relief med’s any more. 

    I believe God was showing us what He will do through our obedience to His prompting to open a Prayer Station.

“For I am the Lord your healer.” – Exodus 15:26b ESV