Testimonies from the Saints Alive! Course 2012


“My coming to faith was a slow, gradual experience. It started at Spring Harvest then eight months later I attended a Saints Alive! Course. My pastor also gave me a booklet titled ‘Making the connection,’ reading this and the Bible helped me to have more understanding. On the 15th November I committed my life to the Lord by repenting of my sins, renouncing evil and turning to Christ. I am now committed to God.”


“The Saints Alive! Course I attended has been truly uplifting and rewarding. We started off as a group of individual Christians but over the weeks we became a “Family in Christ.” Through guidance, we were able to learn and interact with each other. On week six the Holy Spirit touched all of us and we were all really blessed.

“I would advise anyone who can to attend this course. You will find out a lot about yourself and experience a wonderful blessing.”


“I feel that the Saints Alive! Course has been a real blessing to me. It has given me more of an understanding of the Bible. Each week I have learned something new, and read things in a different light. I’ve found the Bible a more exciting book than I ever thought, with each chapter continuing like a serial that I wanted to find out more about.

“Watching the videos I felt transported to where Jesus was and like one of the crowd.

“I feel a real nearness to God and feel I have moved on in my faith. I felt very much at peace on the sixth week after our evening with Geoff, and very blessed, so much so that I didn’t want the feeling to pass and didn’t want to leave.

“I have enjoyed the fellowship of others and although I have known most for many years, feel a closeness and love towards them all.

“I think our pastor and his wife have been instrumental in the way they have explained and lead us through the course. I would advise anyone thinking of going on this Saints Alive! Course to go for it and you will be blessed also.”

Jan Darrell

“When I was first asked to come along to the course, I said yes straightaway along with a few others. I was excited and a bit apprehensive at first. Not knowing what to expect.

“The course for me has been a wonderful experience, it has been exciting and rewarding and I have loved every minute of it, not wanting it to end.

“With the help of Keith and Pauline’s guidance, and teaching of the course and reading the Bible together. I have a deeper understanding of the Bible when I read a passage it comes alive, and I re-live it as I am reading it. I find it exciting and want to read more. I have grown closer to God and talk to Him all the time. I have felt the experience of the Holy Spirit, which was a wonderful experience – He knew my inner thoughts and what I was thinking. I am aware of His presence around me all the time. God knows everything about me and I am putting my trust in Him, He understands us and how we feel – and I eagerly await my spiritual gift and what role God has planned for me to do for the growth of His church.

“As a group we have become very close – and have watched each other develop and grow and become closer to God over the weeks – we care and love each other as a family and look forward to continuing our journey of studying the Bible as a group.”

Jan Davies

I have found this course amazing! The eleven of us have, I think, got on well together and grown much closer and I have felt very much at ease when sharing experiences with the group.

There has been work to do at home that as first I found quite easy to do but as the weeks went by found it more and more difficult to find time to do all that was needed.

The course has highlighted my awareness of, and by reading the scriptures, I have a better understanding of the Holy Spirit and now know I have received the Holy Spirit. Before, I didn’t believe this had happened because I have never had the ‘flashing lights’ or anything spectacular happen to me to make me believe this. I now realise this does not always happen to everyone and I believe the Holy Spirit is with me always.

I have enjoyed reading the passages and feel I have wanted to read more and more. I have also more confidence in talking to others about my faith and am looking forward to whatever comes next. All I can say is “Bring it on!”


When asked to write a testimony, I did not know what I was going to write and by Monday of that week still nothing! I picked up my ‘Daily Bread’ reading and it was about Saul on the Damascus Road. The writer was asking “has God shaken your life recently and made you ask questions or see things in a different way?” I knew then that was exactly how I felt.

I was apprehensive starting the Course having not been taught about the Holy Spirit at length and this was taking me out of my comfort zone. As soon as I started I knew I had made the right choice as I felt such peace and nearness to God. I realised the enormity of His knowledge about me. I should not have been surprised because I had read it so much, especially in Psalm 139, but reading it and experiencing it are two different things.

Forty nine years ago I gave my life to the Lord Jesus and it has been wonderful to re-dedicate that during this Course.

As a group we have bonded and I have felt totally at ease sharing the amazing aspects of our Lord’s love for us. I do feel so much nearer to God now and commit everything totally into His hands, which I have always found very difficult as I am a worrier.

Because of this Course I have moved on, My faith has been jolted and therefore strengthened. I thank Pauline and Keith for taking us on this journey and would thoroughly recommend it to all.