Building project

Seeing the need

This project came out of a realisation that our current building does not meet the needs of the local community we are here to serve.  What started as a refurbishment, has developed, out of necessity, into a rebuild of the hall and refurbishment of the worship area.  The church hall building, which was originally a second-hand prefabricated build some forty years ago, has become porous when wind and rain hits the walls; rainwater percolates into the building.  This results in pools of water accumulating throughout the hall, including the kitchen and office. Both the kitchen and toilets are out-dated and needed major work. The church’s worship area also needed attention and is being updated including insulation to the walls and a new ceiling. New lighting and heating is also being installed.

We’re looking to the future

The New Build is Well Underway

Above is the view of the new build from Cwmbath Road that shows the final white polymer coating. Waiting for the protective film to be taken off the windows.
View of the main hall from the front left hand corner. The painting is completed, the doors are all fitted and the flooring will be laid next week. The new stained glass window is being fitted into double glazed units before being fitted into the window. Watch this space!
All the units are in the kitchen, though not yet fixed. It’s all coming together nicely.
This view is from the hall doors looking towards the new external doors. The servery is painted and the last of the internal doors is being fitted to the office as this picture was taken.
This is the view from the church into the welcome area. The door into the kitchen, behind the servery, will be the same blue as the servery. All the other doors in the build will keep their oak finish.
The work has begun on the church worship area. This photo is of the new platform area. The pulpit will be re-used as the tech desk at the back of the church.
This photo is taken from the right hand side of the church looking forward, you can see the new extended podium with the original steps re-arranged to run right along the front of the stage area. the steps will be sanded and re-varnished.

The project will include a kitchen with the equipment to cook full meals as well as providing the usual teas, coffees and light refreshments. New toilet facilities are also included. Once completed, we will provide better support for the groups that currently use the premises, as well as first class facilities for the other community organisations who have shown an interest in using the building.