Building project

Seeing the need

This project came out of a realisation that our current building does not meet the needs of the local community we are here to serve.  What started as a refurbishment, has developed, out of necessity, into a rebuild of the hall and refurbishment of the worship area.  The church hall building, which was originally a second-hand prefabricated build some forty years ago, has become porous when wind and rain hits the walls; rainwater percolates into the building.  This results in pools of water accumulating throughout the hall, including the kitchen and office. Both the kitchen and toilets are out-dated and needed major work. The church’s worship area also needed attention and is being updated including insulation to the walls and a new ceiling. New lighting and heating is also being installed.

We’re looking to the future

The New Build is Well Underway

Above is the view of the new hall with seats set out socially distanced.
The new welcome area has had its floor covering laid. The office and church interior window glazing will be fitted this week.
The kitchen units are in place and will be tested, along with the rest of the buildings electrics, once the meter is fitted. An updated photo will be uploaded soon.
We’re nearly there! The car parks have been laid with tarmac. The external wall of the building (the grey bit in the middle of this picture) will be finished off with a white polymer.
This window was paid for by the church membership. It signifies two things. First, is a copper smelter being poured out. This links us with the origins of the church, with the famous ‘Copperopolis’ bringing english speaking baptist workers into the area, they formed Aenon Baptist Church. Second, is the symbolism for today. We rely on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit of God to enable us and empower us in all we do and this is symbolised by the pouring action depicted in the window.

The church is ready to have its carpet laid, chairs have been checked and we will be able to hold nearly 100 people.
The banister rails are being fitted to the new steps that drop down to the lower car park.
We take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped the church financially, from individual members to the much larger charitable organisations and everyone in between. The Baptist Building CIO’s loan helped us across the finish line and we are very grateful for their assistance.