Sunday 21st May 2023

At our Morning Communion Service we had the joy of welcoming Zoe into membership at Aenon.

Easter Sunday Family Service 9th April 2023

Re-Re gets an Easter Egg for his Easter Sunday picture entry – Presented by Delyth

Saturday 8th April 2023

We were privileged to host a Memorial Service for Dawn Lewis. Dawn was brought up at Aenon, her parents being long standing members of the Church, the Late Alf Harwood and Betty Harwood. Thanks to all who came to support the family and pay tribute to Dawn. Our prayers are with Dawn’s family, especially her husband, Fraser, who sadly couldn’t attend after testing positive for COVID.

Holy Week 2023 at Aenon began with Palm Sunday Services

Tuesday of Holy Week Service

Jesus Overturns the Tables of the Money-changers in the Temple Courts

Morriston Camera Club Annual Presentation Dinner

Morriston Camera Club holds their meetings at Aenon on a Friday evening. They held the Annual Presentation and Dinner on Friday 27th January 2023 at Morriston Golf Club. Our Pastor, Rev Phil Denyer was invited to give the presentations and say Grace.

Rev Phil was presented with a bouquet of flowers for his Dear Wife

Harvest Services – September 25th 2022

We had a wonderful display of produce and other items at our Harvest Services, and the fresh produce was delivered to Matthew’s House on Tuesday 27th. The tinned and packet items will be taken to the Foodbank.

Healing Service at Aenon at our Evening Worship –

Sunday 28th August 2022

During our healing service we prayed with and for a number of people, accompanied by the laying on of hands and anointing them with oil.

One lady, June, asked us to pray for her as she was experiencing constant pain in her knees. We prayed for her, anointed her, and a few days later she testified her ‘knee pain had gone.’

One of our Deacons, Jan, was praying with us for another lady, and she tells of how she felt the inside of her knee moving around. Jan had been experiencing problems getting up off a low settee, but even though we didn’t pray specifically for her, Jan testifies that her knee pain has gone, and she gets up off the settee with ease.

Infant Presentation / Dedication Service at Aenon

Sunday Morning Service on 31st July 2022 we had the great privilege of welcoming Clare and Luke and their family to give thanks to God for their son Arlo James. We were blessed with God’s presence and we pray for all who were in attendance, especially all our visitors.

Parking at Aenon

Parking Bollards have now been installed in our Car park outside the main entrance. This is to ensure authorised parking for use of the building only.

Eco Church

Aenon has registered and begun the Eco Church Award process and so, every so often, environmental snippets or tips will appear in our monthly newsletter and additionally, more information will be put on this website. 

So here are July’s tips!

– Consider your shopping habits…think about individual items of food – where does it come from? could you have bought it more locally? does it have lots of unnecessary packaging? 

– If you have a garden or a patio, or yard (even very small patch) make it more welcoming for wildlife- for butterflies, bees, hedgehogs etc. 

– Try and cut out using as much single use plastic as you can- buy a water bottle & coffee cup and take them out with you for example.

For more about our Eco Church progress please see our dedicated page

Baptisms at Aenon

May 1st 2022 saw two ladies baptised at Aenon during the morning service.

Delyth is the daughter of a former Pastor at Aenon, Rev Gareth Mathias, and Gareth took part in the service where he and the family witnessed Delyth’s baptism.

Megan came to Aenon via the Prayer Station, and Megan was baptised by ‘affusion’ (thoroughly drenched, with water from the bapistry being poured over her).

Both Delyth & Megan were brought into membership of Aenon at the evening service.

Induction Service of the new Pastor, Rev Phil Denyer –

Saturday 5th March 2022

From left – Rev Mark Fairweather-Tall (Regional Minister),

Rev Phil Denyer (New Pastor),

Keith Evans (Retiring Pastor)

Keith & Pauline Evans’ Last Service at Aenon –

30th January 2022

Rededication Service of Aenon’s New Facilities –

November 21st 2021

Baptism & Membership Service April 2015

Sunday morning, 19th April, two people were baptised; we welcomed them and others into membership in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at Aenon.

Our Baptismal Service on January the 20th 2013 was a real joy for all concerned.

Ron had come to faith on the ‘Saints Alive’ course in the Autumn last year and was now confirming his decision to accept Jesus as his own personal Saviour and Lord by going through the waters of baptism.

Ron, along with Frank and June, who have been attending Aenon for some months, were brought into membership later in the service, the service ended with us taking communion together. It was a memorable day and a memorable service. Coming so early in the year we received an unexpected bonus; a real anticipation for what God will do in and through us during the rest of 2013.