Our story

Leadership at Aenon

Recently retired Lay Pastor, is Keith Evans

I was born and raised in Glynneath, I was academically challenged and was always happiest working with my hands; from gardening to meccano  and later playing the organ through to organ maintenance to keep it going – I was in my element!

I served a five year apprenticeship at Rheola Alluminium Works in the Neath valley and afterwards worked for 33 years at Metal Box, Neath.

I have been a church organist / worship leader all my adult life until having the call to Aenon in February 2011.

While on holiday the previous summer I received a text to say that the B.U. in the Cardiff office wanted to speak to me. I was just starting out on an hour’s walk and was praying earnestly to the Lord when I heard clearly, “When I open this door, I want you to walk through!”

To which I replied, “Yes Lord, I’ll walk through.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

My heart’s desire is to make Jesus known. I see that outworking in practical ways as well as preaching and teaching. Primarily in helping individuals to come into relationship with the living God and to experience the promise of scripture – Fullness of life in Christ Jesus.

The Ministers who have worked out their calling at Aenon are…

  1. Rev. W. Johns, 1880 – 1888
  2. Rev. D. Samuel, 1888 – 1926
  3. Rev. D.G. Hughes, 1931 – 1935
  4. Rev. J.H. Lamb, 1937 – 1939
  5. Sister Mary Williams, 1955 – 1964
  6. Sister Muriel McLennon, 1966 – 1981
  7. Rev. Andrew Bowden, 1981 – 1985
  8. Rev. Gareth Mathias, 1989 – 2010
  9. Pastor Keith, 2011 – 2022
  10. Rev. Phil Denyer 2022 – present

Our Vision

Our vision is twofold. Firstly, to make Jesus known. Jesus died at Calvary so that we can come into relationship with the Living God through His completed work on the cross. Our heart’s desire is to help others to find the One who is the Way the Truth and the Life. Secondly, we desire a building that is fit for purpose that will aid us in serving the community in which we are placed. This new building will serve the community not for 10, 20 or 30 years but for generation after generation after generation with first class, state of the art facilities.