Sunday Services

Sunday 2nd October

10.30am Service

‘You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide’ (Jonah Chapter 1)

6.00pm Communion Service

‘Righteous Sacrifice’ (Malachi Chapter 1)

Sunday 9th October

10.30am Service

‘Second Chances’ (Jonah Chapter 2)

6.00pm Service

‘Church Leaders Also Need to Listen’ (Malachi Chapter 2)

Sunday 16th October

10.30am Communion Service

‘Being Obedient Doesn’t Always Feel Good’ (Jonah Chapter 3)

6.00pm Communion Service

‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ (Malachi Chapter 3)

Sunday 23rd October

10.30am Healing Service

‘Angry Enough To Die’ (Jonah Chapter 4)

6.00pm Service

‘God’s Righteous Plan’ (Malachi Chapter 4)

Sunday 30th October

10.30am Service

Visiting Preacher – Roy Morgan

6.00pm Service

Visiting Preacher – Jim Probert

Unless otherwise stated, all services are led by our Pastor –

Rev. Phil Denyer